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Bryan Sykes in his Seven Daughters of Eve book named this mtDNA haplogroup Jasmine. Jim Logan's mtDNA Haplogroup J1 Project. John Walden's Haplogroups J and K Website. K: The mitochondrial super-haplogroup U encompasses haplogroups U1-U7 and haplogroup K. Haplogroup K is found through Europe, and.. Today, about 30 of all mitochondrial lineages in Europe are classified as haplogroup H. It is rather uniformly distributed throughout Europe suggesting a major role in the peopling of Europe, and descendant lineages of the original haplogroup H appear in the Near East as a.. Haplogroup J is generally considered one of the prominent lineages that was part of the Neolithic spread of agriculture into Europe from the Near East beginning approximately 10,000 years ago. Bryan Sykes in his Seven Daughters of Eve book named this mtDNA haplogroup Jasmine. Sharon.. One of the dominant mitochondrial haplogroups in Europe, haplogroup HV pre-dates the occurrence of farming in Europe. Future work will better resolve the distribution and historical characteristics of this haplogroup. Ian Logan's Haplgroup HV and V Webpage. I: Principally a European haplogroup, haplogroup I is.. Future work will further document the historical distribution of this root haplogroup and closely related haplogroups within the N cluster. Ian Logan's mtDNA Haplogroup N Webpage N1c: N1c specific mitochondrial haplogroups are typically found in different regions of the world, and this is due to..

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Haplogroup U5a1a lineage within haplogroup U5arose in Europe approximately 30,000 years ago, and is mainly found in northwest Europe. In the context of its rather ancient origin, the modern distribution of haplogroup U5a1 suggests that individuals bearing this haplogroup were part the initial expansion tracking.

A, B, C, D: Haplogroups A, B, C, D. Native American mtDNA Haplogroups. Also see mtDNA Haplogroup X. Clan Aiyana Home Page by Amelia mtDNA Haplogroup A (Clan Aiyana) by Blaine Bettinger Native American Lineage and mtDNA Haplogroups Yahoo Group. MtDNA Haplogroup B Project by.

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